April Pilates Workshop (FINAL!!)

Our LAST Pilates session of the season is booked for Sunday, April 29 from 2:00 – 3:00pm. This one is at a different location – Chelsea’s Pilates Studio (please see directions below). There are only 10 spots for this one, and registration closes on Thursday, April 26, so reserve your spot soon!

Directions to Chelsea’s Studio: This is a small studio built on as an addition to a residential home in River Heights. The address is 117 Capilano Crt, but parking is best available on Assiniboine Dr or Capilano Dr, rather than Capilano Crt itself. The studio entrance is a door that is set back slightly on the left side when facing the house. If parking on Assiniboine, find the catwalk between 241 & 245 Assiniboine Dr – this will lead you to a brick wall then an opening in a hedge where you will find the studio entrance (see map below).

Caelia will do her best to be out and about to help direct people to the door! As always, text or call with any concerns.

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