Halloween Week

Halloween is fast approaching and we like being festive every now and again. Many adult dancers have old dance costumes, so we want to extend the invitation to “dress up” during Halloween week of classes at Dance Alive. From Monday October 29 to Thursday November 1, feel free to wear a costume to dance (provided it is something you can move easily in, old dance costumes are the best). We will have class as normal but can make take some pictures at the end if anyone’s wearing anything fun!

To continue the celebration, we would like to encourage anyone who’s interested to go with their classmates for a drink or a bite after their class. Teachers can join at the end of the night when they are finished teaching. Listed below are some convenient close-by restaurants based on studio location for the evening:

Monday & Wednesday – Piper Rose Studios (Quebec Ave)

Birmingham’s on Circle Dr & Millar Ave

Tuesday – Sask Pole & Dance Studio (Duchess St)

Earl’s on 2nd Ave & Queen St

Thursday – Dance Culture (Stonebridge)

Shoeless Joe’s in the same parking lot

Looking forward to a SPOOKY week at Dance Alive Studios!

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