Current COVID-19 Status & Restrictions at Dance Alive Studios

Case numbers in Saskatchewan and Saskatoon specifically are rising rapidly. While there are currently no government-mandated restrictions, Dance Alive Studios is employing stricter protocols again to keep all our staff and clients safe. Please see the following items to help us ensure a safe and healthy environment:

  • DO NOT COME TO CLASS if you are exhibiting any symptoms, or if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Try to ENTER THE BUILDING ONE AT A TIME and only arrive 5 minutes before class if possible. Try to arrive in your dance attire with a full water bottle to avoid spending more time than necessary in the common areas. If you must spend time in the lounge, there are no more than 6 people allowed in the area at once.

  • WEAR YOUR MASK upon entering the building. We have disposable masks at the front if you happen to forget yours. You may choose to remove your mask once you’ve entered the studio and are adequately spaced from your class mates. Masks must go back on when leaving the studio and entering the common areas like the lounge, kitchen, and bathrooms.

  • USE THE HAND SANITIZER available at the front as soon as you enter the building. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathrooms and feel free to use hand sanitizer frequently in the studios.

  • PLACE YOUR SHOES ON THE SHELF PROVIDED to avoid touching other people’s shoes and having them touch yours. You may bring your coat in with you if you prefer not to have it in close contact with others’ on the coat rack.

  • REMAIN 2 METRES APART AT ALL TIMES. Look for the green X’s in the hallway and inside the studios to keep a safe distance from your class mates.

  • ENTER THE STUDIO ROOMS FOR CLASS ONE AT A TIME and spread out in the studio. Placing your bag under the portable barres and along the mirrors is fine, just be careful of the mirrors and maintain your distance from your classmates.

  • We have CLASS SIZE LIMITS for Dance Alive classes – 12 people per class in the Green Room and 10 people per class in the Grey Area (maybe more for specific workshops with limited movement). Because of our large spaces, these class sizes still give more than enough room for 2 metre spacing in the centre and along the barre!

  • Students are responsible for cleaning any equipment used during class (yoga mats, massage balls, etc.), and the studio will continue to be regularly disinfected between uses.

  • If you want to visit after class, please do so outside in the parking lot to keep our common areas as clear as possible 🙂

Caelia and the Dance Alive team are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Saskatchewan and Canada. The safety of our staff and clients is of the utmost importance to us, as has always been the case since the conception of Dance Alive Studios. As we navigate the political climate, back to school, and impending winter in our province, we will are doing our best to choose the most respectful path that maximizes both safety and personal privacy. We want to do everything we can to keep the physical activity and artistic expression of dance accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

Thank you for working with us patiently and considerately throughout these interesting times. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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