Registration for summer classes is available! Read the instructions below on how to register. Acceptance of registration in certain classes are subject to teacher’s discretion (based on student experience and other training requirements).

All DAS classes have a limit of 12 students per class, with preference given to returning students, then new students registering for Monthly Payments, and finally, students with Punch Cards or Pay-As-You-Go. The only way to guarantee a spot is to get in early and register! There is no registration fee and signing up is easy.

Any dancer participating in class at Dance Alive must have signed one of these forms (even for free class tries). Feel free to print it out at home and sign it before you come in if you want to get ahead of the game! We accept scanned copies as well if you want to stay electronic. If not, we will have copies on hand to sign at your first class.

This has information on payment methods, late payment and cancellation policies, and what to do if you miss a class. Again, you can print it out and sign it ahead of time, or you can sign a copy when you come to class.

If you choose to take classes with Dance Alive, you are agreeing to abide by the guiding principles of our studio. Please read through this document outlining our philosophy and how we can each work to create a positive and inclusive space for all dancers.

Filling out a registration form is totally free, and there is no commitment required. It will reserve you a spot in your desired class no matter what your level of interest (pending availability in classes), and get you onto our email list so you don’t miss an update!