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Written Materials

PBT Exercise List– A list of all PBT exercises taught at DAS in December 2019
Pilates Exercise List– A list of all the Pilates exercises taught in its first year with DAS (2018/2019)
Ballet Terms– All the relevant ballet terms and vocabulary taught in the first three years of recreational adult ballet at DAS

Free Online Classes

Weekly WorkoutsBy LaurenApr3/20
The Pilates CoreBy MaddiMar27/20
Pilates Fundamentals Part IBy MaddiMar24/20
Pilates Class – InterBy MaddiMar17/20
PBT Warm-UpBy Maddi & KerstenMar20/20
General Stretch ClassBy CaeliaMar19/20
Shoulder Release with BallBy CaeliaMar25/20
Beginner ReelBy Blakey Irish SchoolMar21/20
Ballet Barre Class – InterBy Maddi & KerstenMar21/20
Ballet Centre Class – InterBy Maddi & KerstenMar22/20

Relaxation Recording lead by Bobbi Janzen: