November Fundraising

What a YEAR it’s been – and continues to be! Back in the before times, we had multiple fundraising activities regularly going to help support our dancers with their expenses. After a long hiatus, we have two activities back, just in time for the holidays:

Gift Cards through Fundscrip – FundScrip allows us to generate funds from you buying gift cards AT COST and using them for your usual groceries, fuel, dinners out, and more! This is an easy, sustainable, low-pressure way to continue supporting our community with your normal everyday purchases, or gifts for your friends and family. 

Purdy’s Christmas Chocolate – Purdy’s Chocolate runs two seasonal fundraisers: one for Easter and one for Christmas! For each fundraiser, there are standard Purdy’s classics as well as season-specific treats. Buy some for the whole family – with a little left over for yourself, of course 🙂

More details are available by following the links above. The deadline for both fundraisers is NOVEMBER 25, 2020 so that we can get everything in time for Christmas! That only gives you 23 days to submit your order and share with your friends. Watch our social media account for posts to share!

All of our fundraising can be done for specific dancers who might struggle to pay their personal fees, or for the studio as a whole. We are humbly requesting at this time around that you consider donating your fundraised portion to the studio for a couple specific causes:

  • The new studio should be operational by November 15 (fingers crossed!) but we will still have to wait on a few things that aren’t strictly necessary at the moment. For example, we will be offering a new Acro class but need to get our hands on some gym mats, and we would like to purchase some more yoga/Pilates/stretch & release equipment as well for our cross training. These will all come in time, but our fundraising efforts can make them arrive much sooner! All props will be properly sanitized between uses and will help to give our dancers the holistic and safe experience that our studio offers. 
  • We want to host our very own ballet exams at our new regulation studio for our dancers. It has been a few years since our exam dancers have been able to perform their exam in the same space that they train, and there is nothing quite like taking your exam at home. Unfortunately, we need to raise funds to pay the minimum fee for this, since we don’t have the required amount of sessions. After a year of cancelled competitions and exams, it would mean the world to us to be able to host our very own this season.

We are trying our best to build our new home in the midst of a very difficult year, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We have a strong community and supportive dancers who are committed to their own practice and to keeping our space safe and healthy. We are so grateful for anything you can do to help us meet our goals this fall, even if it’s just spreading the message! Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming you to our new space in a couple of weeks. 

Contact us with any and all questions. Thank you for supporting local business and being a patron of the arts in our community!!

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