Studio Update – Exciting News!

We are coming to the end of our 6-Week Sessions that have helped us get back on our feet from our forced shut-down in March. What a year! Due to the generous support from our DAS friends, we have been holding class on Wednesday and Friday evenings at Piper Rose Studios and having a blast. We have ONE MORE SESSION starting on the week of September 28. Check out our webpage on 6 Week Sessions for schedule, pricing, and the link to register (at the bottom of the page).

This final session will end on November 6, after which we will have a week off of dance coinciding with the November Reading Week. By this point, we are hoping…..

…to start our new season at

Our new home will have two studios, one large and one medium-sized, multiple bathrooms, and sprung floor with dancer-tested vinyl mats. We have lots of work ahead of us as far as building and preparing, but we hope to be finished in time to run classes on November 15, 2020.

If you’d like to be a part of building our new home, please send us an email. We are so excited to have a place to call our own, and we’ll appreciate all the help we can get in terms of building, taping, cleaning, preparing, and fundraising. It takes a village!

Can’t wait to see you in the studio 🙂

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