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The Breathing Body Event

As a nice kick-off to our two-week holiday break, we are excited to promote The Breathing Body as offered by Kaylen Jolly, a mind-body professional certified in yoga, pilates, and psychosomatic techniques. Check out her website and biography here:


This meditation event will take place ONLINE from 7 – 8pm PST (9 – 10 pm CST, Saskatchewan time). There may be a later option offered in-studio (but still taught online from BC), but for now, please join us from your home in a cozy spot and prepare for a glorious bedtime breathing experience!

For more details about the event, visit Kaylen’s website link below:


Register by contacting us or by reaching out to Kaylen through her email address ( or find her on Instagram at

I hope to see you there!

A Focus on Fitness!

In the recent Public Health Order released in effect on November 27, 2020, greater restrictions were placed on Dance and Fitness Activities. As per the wording on the website:

  • Athletes and dancers 18 years of age and under may continue practicing, conditioning and skills training in groups of eight or fewer, abiding by the required mask use and at least three metres of physical distancing between participants at all times.
  • Fitness activities and group fitness classes in groups of eight or fewer continues to be permitted, for all ages. Mask use and at least three metres of physical distancing between participants must be maintained.

As such, we are taking this time to place a greater focus on fitness in all of our adult group dance classes to better abide by the guidelines posted for GROUP FITNESS AND AEROBIC-STYLE WORKOUTS. Because our dance classes were always designed with a focus on wellness and functional movement, and we have not been training for a specific performance or competition event, this shift is strongly in alignment with our studio mission and existing services.

Caelia and the Dance Alive team are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Saskatchewan and Canada. The safety of our staff and clients is of the utmost importance to us, as has always been the case since the conception of Dance Alive Studios. We will continue to take all steps necessary to keep our people safe and healthy, balancing pandemic safety measures with continuing options for mental and physical fitness activites.

Please view our current COVID-19 STUDIO PROTOCOLS for further details on how we are keeping our clients safe in our new studio space. Check out our Studio Info page for schedule, class descriptions, and how to register. Contact us with any questions!

Season 4 Registration OPEN!

The day has come! Registration for our newest Regular Season 4 is now open. Please take a look at our Studio Info page to check out schedules, pricing, class descriptions and more! If you’re ready to register, hop on over to our Online Registration page and submit the forms. Spaces are limited and everything is first come, first served, so don’t delay!

COVID protocols will be posted soon, and some class descriptions are still missing on the website. As always, contact us with any questions or concerns. Otherwise, we are so excited to see you for our NEW SEASON in our BRAND NEW STUDIO!!

November Fundraising

What a YEAR it’s been – and continues to be! Back in the before times, we had multiple fundraising activities regularly going to help support our dancers with their expenses. After a long hiatus, we have two activities back, just in time for the holidays:

Gift Cards through Fundscrip – FundScrip allows us to generate funds from you buying gift cards AT COST and using them for your usual groceries, fuel, dinners out, and more! This is an easy, sustainable, low-pressure way to continue supporting our community with your normal everyday purchases, or gifts for your friends and family. 

Purdy’s Christmas Chocolate – Purdy’s Chocolate runs two seasonal fundraisers: one for Easter and one for Christmas! For each fundraiser, there are standard Purdy’s classics as well as season-specific treats. Buy some for the whole family – with a little left over for yourself, of course 🙂

More details are available by following the links above. The deadline for both fundraisers is NOVEMBER 25, 2020 so that we can get everything in time for Christmas! That only gives you 23 days to submit your order and share with your friends. Watch our social media account for posts to share!

All of our fundraising can be done for specific dancers who might struggle to pay their personal fees, or for the studio as a whole. We are humbly requesting at this time around that you consider donating your fundraised portion to the studio for a couple specific causes:

  • The new studio should be operational by November 15 (fingers crossed!) but we will still have to wait on a few things that aren’t strictly necessary at the moment. For example, we will be offering a new Acro class but need to get our hands on some gym mats, and we would like to purchase some more yoga/Pilates/stretch & release equipment as well for our cross training. These will all come in time, but our fundraising efforts can make them arrive much sooner! All props will be properly sanitized between uses and will help to give our dancers the holistic and safe experience that our studio offers. 
  • We want to host our very own ballet exams at our new regulation studio for our dancers. It has been a few years since our exam dancers have been able to perform their exam in the same space that they train, and there is nothing quite like taking your exam at home. Unfortunately, we need to raise funds to pay the minimum fee for this, since we don’t have the required amount of sessions. After a year of cancelled competitions and exams, it would mean the world to us to be able to host our very own this season.

We are trying our best to build our new home in the midst of a very difficult year, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We have a strong community and supportive dancers who are committed to their own practice and to keeping our space safe and healthy. We are so grateful for anything you can do to help us meet our goals this fall, even if it’s just spreading the message! Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming you to our new space in a couple of weeks. 

Contact us with any and all questions. Thank you for supporting local business and being a patron of the arts in our community!!

Studio Update – Exciting News!

We are coming to the end of our 6-Week Sessions that have helped us get back on our feet from our forced shut-down in March. What a year! Due to the generous support from our DAS friends, we have been holding class on Wednesday and Friday evenings at Piper Rose Studios and having a blast. We have ONE MORE SESSION starting on the week of September 28. Check out our webpage on 6 Week Sessions for schedule, pricing, and the link to register (at the bottom of the page).

This final session will end on November 6, after which we will have a week off of dance coinciding with the November Reading Week. By this point, we are hoping…..

…to start our new season at

Our new home will have two studios, one large and one medium-sized, multiple bathrooms, and sprung floor with dancer-tested vinyl mats. We have lots of work ahead of us as far as building and preparing, but we hope to be finished in time to run classes on November 15, 2020.

If you’d like to be a part of building our new home, please send us an email. We are so excited to have a place to call our own, and we’ll appreciate all the help we can get in terms of building, taping, cleaning, preparing, and fundraising. It takes a village!

Can’t wait to see you in the studio 🙂

Keep Dance ALIVE – Summer Plans

Our teachers are tired, our season is over, and the weather is gorgeous. It’s time to give the online classes a break and ENJOY our summer! However, we still want to give you an opportunity to support the studio that is worthwhile to YOU. Check out our new program for the summer – Keep Dance ALIVE, Sponsor the Studio. You can stay connected and make sure there’s a studio to come back to while still having all the freedom and rest you deserve in your summer.

Online Offerings are still available for purchase. Check out the entire Summer 2020 page in our Studio Info section for all the June/July/August details you might need.

Otherwise, stay tuned to this page for more events and activities popping up this summer!

Live Zoom Classes in May

We’ve had some time to think, and now we want to try some live classes for you all! We have the following schedule planned out for May:

Mon, May 11
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Pointe Conditioning
Thu, May 14
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Experienced Ballet
Tue, May 19
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Pilates & Conditioning
Wed, May 20
6:00 – 7:00 pm
(Mrs. Stephen)
Mon, May 25
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Stretch & Release
Wed, May 27
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Beginner Ballet

More details about the classes:

  • Times are negotiable! Let us know if it’s too early.
  • Hosted on Zoom – video participation is optional
  • All live classes will be recorded and uploaded to the regular class program
  • Live attendance or recorded access is $25 if you’re not already subscribed to the class – otherwise it’s free! (but you must still sign up)
  • Minimum of 5 people per class in order to go ahead with each.

Please register for any of the events using the link below:

We can’t wait to see you there!

1st DAS Informal Lecture!

We are so excited to present our first DAS EXTRA online video for you, which is also the first in our DAS Informal Lecture Series!! Our first talk will be given by Caelia Gardiner and will focus on Motivation and Trauma Responses.

What this lecture will cover:

  • Different types of motivation (intrinsic & extrinsic)
  • Executive dysfunction and its relationship with motivation
  • How stress and trauma play with each other
  • How you can help yourself through this time healthily and sustainably!

This will be a LIVE ZOOM EVENT happening on Friday, April 24th at 7:00 pm. Access to DAS Extras are $25 per class, live or recorded. Please sign up with the link below if you want to join for the live event!

If you know you cannot attend the live event, but you’d like access to the recorded video, please submit a Drop-In Registration Form with the title of the video (DIL#1 or Motivation & Trauma Responses):

**NOTE: All students who attend the live event will be given access to the recorded video. Those with Unlimited Access still need to register for the Live Event but do not need to pay, and will automatically have access to the recorded video. Visit our Registration Page for more information on Unlimited Access Subscription!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Studio Update

It’s been about 2 weeks since we launched our brand new DAS Online Program, and things are going well! But we want to check with you otherwise. We hope you’re doing well, and we want to let you know how things are going with us! Please stay up-to-date while watching the video below:

Video not showing? CLICK HERE

Important points from the video update:

  • Don’t be nervous to ask about the studio’s plans in the future!
  • Online classes are going well, consistency is a struggle – thank you for your continued patience
  • We have 25 subscriptions so far, which is awesome – thank you!
  • Drop-In Access is still available too (see Online Previews), you don’t need to only choose subscription
  • Weekly Workouts are a new thing added – cardio & fitness indoors & outdoors run by Lauren Gardiner
  • Scheduled LIVE Zoom classes are a maybe – stay tuned, they may be announced in the future
  • Purdy’s Chocolate Fundraiser was super successful – sold almost $2000 in chocolates, 4 times our minimum required amount!
  • We may have a Gift Card Fundraiser coming soon, if anyone is interested.
  • Fundraising money can be donated to the studio if you wish, but not necessary at all – your fundraising account can be applied to anything you wish and it will go towards the studio anyway.
  • Costume balances will be calculated at some point in the next month.
  • Guessing that we will not be in the studio until late summer/fall – just a guess! Don’t know for sure.
  • The plan for now is to take a breather, relax with our time off, engage in online classes if you want – we are NOT expecting you to maintain your training!
  • If we don’t get back until September, we’ll just start the season over again with training from Sep-Dec and choreography starting in January.
  • We can plan to recycle our choreography and costumes from this season, re-space as we need to and re-learn the whole things!
  • No stress, no pressure, no expectations – let’s focus on gently getting back into the groove of things.
  • Small group Zoom Social Calls are being organized to keep you all in touch with me and each other, just to maintain contact.
  • The studio is doing fine! All teachers have an outside source of income, and Caelia has supplemental income through school, so all people are taken care of.
  • Our goal right now is transparency, support, and consistency – we are trying to support other small businesses through paying rent and professional fees, we have minor operating costs for our online platform, and we will continue to provide video content.
  • Remember that we have Compassionate Pricing and Karma Payments – pay what you can, or trade us services!
  • Engage with us, even if it has nothing to do with dance! Join us on Zoom calls, share with us your past-times, shoot us an email.
  • Make sure to suggest new ideas if you have any!

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are eternally grateful for your support <3

DAS Online Launches!

We have been WORKING HARD this past week to bring you the all-new DAS ONLINE PROGRAM! A complete description of how it works is available under the Studio Info webpage or click the button below:

If you don’t want to click through the website to explore, I’ve explained everything you need to know in this video below:

Video not showing? CLICK HERE

Also, for our current loyal members of Dance Alive, I have a few general studio updates that don’t necessarily have to do with the Online Program, which I filmed in a second video here:

Video not showing? CLICK HERE

Important points from the video update:

  • The studio is still closed to in-person classes – but we have exciting new DAS ONLINE offerings!
  • DAS Team is working hard – most videos will come from Caelia, Maddi & Kersten, Christine is very busy with her day job, Tyneal is working behind the scenes.
  • Scheduled Zoom live classes are not in the plan just yet but we are open to the idea if you want that!
  • If you paid for April already, Caelia will get in touch with you about future plans.
  • DAS Online will be the main program throughout April, but we would like to continue it in May, whether we get back in the studio or not.
  • If you want any refunds or credits for March, PLEASE reach out to Caelia via email, text, phone call, etc.
  • Do you have anything you’d like to film and contribute to our DAS Online platform, please let me know!
  • Stay tuned for group social calls and activities!

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are eternally grateful for your support <3