Special Session – DAS Stars

Along with our Season 6 Regular Classes for adult dancers, we have a few special sessions for younger movers. Our DAS Stars class is BRAND NEW class offered for children to engage in safe and inclusive movement! Read more below:

DAS Stars is a movement class for kids aged 5-15 in FLS and similar programs. This class is designed to get kids of all abilities moving in a group setting, and will help with encouraging sharing, making choices, listen and responding, wait time, turn taking as well as building friendships in a fun and safe environment. 

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Guest Workshop – REFRAME PAIN

We are excited to announce our very first Guest Workshop, REFRAME PAIN, created and delivered by Alternative Pain Management Coach, Stephanie Buckley! This workshop is focused around our relationship with pain in the body. Pain often leads us to become disconnected with our bodies. Come learn about pain science, mindset and tools on how to begin to reconnect with your body and ultimately with yourself. More details below!

Date:Tuesday, August 23
Time:6:00 – 8:00 pm
$65 per person
($60 for DAS Members!)
DeadlineSaturday, August 20

*CLICK HERE to learn more about DAS Membership!

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Special Session – Tiny Dancer

Along with our Season 6 Regular Classes for adult dancers, we have a few special sessions for younger movers. Our Tiny Dancer session has been held intermittently throughout our previous season, and we are currently taking interest for another session in Season 6. We have two levels:

  • Level 0 – For ages 0-1; movement for adult guardians including their babies!
  • Level 1/2 – For ages 1-3; movement for young ones exploring their balance, different surfaces, and play with friends!

Check out more details about schedule and pricing below:

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DAS Goes Online!

While group classes are cancelled at Dance Alive Studios, we have a whole assortment of online classes, info sessions, and workshops for you to enjoy! All online offerings are recorded for later access, so feel free to sign up even if you can’t make the live time 🙂

Hour long classes are $25, 1.5 hour long classes are $35 (for live access and recordings). Unlimited Access for the whole week of online classes & recordings is $200 ($25 savings!). Take a look at the line-up below for this week’s scheduled (Jan 17-21):

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Classes Cancelled Jan 17-21

As we continue to monitor the situation with respect to COVID cases in Saskatoon, the staff at Dance Alive Studios has decided to cancel all group classes during the week of January 17 – 21. All of these classes will be rescheduled for the week of the February break, from February 21 – 25 (Monday classes will be scheduled on the Friday). Students who have paid for Monthly Payments are eligible for a credit if they cannot attend classes during the February break. Please contact us via email to receive your credit!

In the meantime, we have some ONLINE OFFERINGS for you this week if you’d still like to enjoy some dance and movement! Check out our next post for details on schedule and prices, and to sign up.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds in Saskatoon and try our best to keep offering safe, warm, and fun ways for you to stay active in our community. If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see, let us know. Otherwise, stay in touch and we will keep you posted!

Tiny Dancer Program!

We are very excited to announce our first session of our brand new Tiny Dancer Program! We will be starting small with three levels of baby classes aimed at helping caregivers and children explore movement and stay active in a safe and fun environment. More information below:

There is no person too young to dance! Our Tiny Dancer Program is designed to help children and their caregivers learn, play, grow, and move together with music and freedom. Very young children will experience movement in a group with cues and external stimulation, developing strength and awareness in a safe and educational environment. Older children will be given instruction and learn to develop their connection between body and mind by thinking about their movement. Everybody involved will have a fun time developing community and moving in novel ways with lots of props and guidance. Perfect for children who want to explore movement and for caregivers who want to get out of the house and meet new friends!

Fridays, 10:00 – 10:45 am; Level 0 — 0-1 years old; children are not quite walking yet, engagement with environment is intuitive and sensory based, class focus is on helping caregivers create an experience for their children

Fridays, 11:00 – 11:45 am; Level 1 — 1-2 years old; children are exploring walking but still developing balance, strength, and awareness, children are engaging with environment with a bit more curiosity and are given more prompts and opportunities to explore without much expectation for following instruction, class focus still on caregivers

Fridays, 12:00 – 12:45 pm; Level 2— 2-3 years old; children are walking, taking instruction, able to distinguish between shapes and images, thinking and playing, able to understand rules of games and social interactions, class focus is more on children with guidance on how caregivers can best support the experience

This first session will run for 4 Weeks with an option for extension if successful – July 16, July 23, July 30, August 6.

Pricing is available as a pre-paid Package Price for the full session or Drop-Ins:

Package Price
(4 Classes)

*All prices include GST

Registration is open now! Send us an email with any questions and to save yourself a spot 🙂 Can’t wait to move with you!

Workshop Series – Elements of Psychosomatics

As a further collaboration with Kaylen Jolly, we are excited to offer the 4-part Workshop Series: Elements of Psychosomatics – Ground, Guts, Grit, and Grace starting May 18, 2021. Kaylen Jolly is a mind-body professional certified in yoga, pilates, and psychosomatic techniques. Check out her website and biography here:


This Workshop Series will be offered in a hybrid style, where you may join live Online or In-Person at our studio location on Tuesdays 8:30 – 9:30 pm CST. All sessions will be recorded for later purchase or reference for those who attended live. Read more about the event below!

Elements of Psychosomatics — GROUND GUTS GRIT GRACE

4 week immersive, mind-body experience

Psychosomatics is a fancy word for ‘mind-body’ and implies that there is a subtle energy body beyond the physical form in which our personal energetics manifest or create the physical form (life). Within the psychosomatic framework we come to understand the development of the human psyche through what is commonly known as “the chakras”.

This practice teaches us that every-thing is connected, that one thing only exists in relationship to the other, and we have power to inner-stand the interconnectedness of life on earth as we are all powerful hu(e)man be-ings.

Subtle energy is felt through the body and the practice of proprioception helps us develop this sixth sense. The psychosomatic framework provides simple tools and practical application so we can learn to locate inadequate energy flow damned by mental, emotional, or physical experiences of the past (trauma). These molecules of emotion are held in the body as cellular memory creating redundant behavior, habits, and attitudes. We experience this suffering as physical dis-ease/illness/imbalance, mental and emotional strife/incongruence, and a spiritual loss of purpose or direction.

This methodology that brings the Self into awareness and harmony is truly self-empowering. The Psychosomatic Elements give great insight into the inherent rights of the human spirit and how to orient our self-awareness in order to integrate the shadow aspects of our psyche. Only then, can we begin to embody our authentic soul expression–our personal truth of an aligned and prosperous life.

This is a common sense approach to use in daily life to be more confident, respectful, and responsible, freeing you from personal suffering. Applying this work fosters peace of mind and body to enjoy the journey of your life; through your own self awareness and inner-standing you have authority and self governance. Therefore you can begin to create a life of your own divine design.

Workshop Series Pricing

Package Price
(4 Classes)
Live Online
(or Recorded)

*All prices include GST

For ONE WEEK ONLY (until Tues May 25), there is a discounted late registration package of $60 for in-person or $40 for online, plus the additional $15 recording of the first missed class, meaning:

Late Registration Package Price
(3 Classes + First Recorded Class)
Live Online
(or Recorded)
*Due by Tues May 25

Drop-In attendance and Recorded Sessions are available right until the last class on June 8. Register by emailing Dance Alive Studios:

I hope to see you there!

The Breathing Body Event

As a nice kick-off to our two-week holiday break, we are excited to promote The Breathing Body as offered by Kaylen Jolly, a mind-body professional certified in yoga, pilates, and psychosomatic techniques. Check out her website and biography here:


This meditation event will take place ONLINE from 7 – 8pm PST (9 – 10 pm CST, Saskatchewan time). There may be a later option offered in-studio (but still taught online from BC), but for now, please join us from your home in a cozy spot and prepare for a glorious bedtime breathing experience!

For more details about the event, visit Kaylen’s website link below:


Register by contacting us or by reaching out to Kaylen through her email address (kaylenjollystudio@gmail.com) or find her on Instagram at instagram.com/kaylenjolly.

I hope to see you there!

Live Zoom Classes in May

We’ve had some time to think, and now we want to try some live classes for you all! We have the following schedule planned out for May:

Mon, May 11
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Pointe Conditioning
Thu, May 14
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Experienced Ballet
Tue, May 19
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Pilates & Conditioning
Wed, May 20
6:00 – 7:00 pm
(Mrs. Stephen)
Mon, May 25
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Stretch & Release
Wed, May 27
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Beginner Ballet

More details about the classes:

  • Times are negotiable! Let us know if it’s too early.
  • Hosted on Zoom – video participation is optional
  • All live classes will be recorded and uploaded to the regular class program
  • Live attendance or recorded access is $25 if you’re not already subscribed to the class – otherwise it’s free! (but you must still sign up)
  • Minimum of 5 people per class in order to go ahead with each.

Please register for any of the events using the link below:

We can’t wait to see you there!

1st DAS Informal Lecture!

We are so excited to present our first DAS EXTRA online video for you, which is also the first in our DAS Informal Lecture Series!! Our first talk will be given by Caelia Gardiner and will focus on Motivation and Trauma Responses.

What this lecture will cover:

  • Different types of motivation (intrinsic & extrinsic)
  • Executive dysfunction and its relationship with motivation
  • How stress and trauma play with each other
  • How you can help yourself through this time healthily and sustainably!

This will be a LIVE ZOOM EVENT happening on Friday, April 24th at 7:00 pm. Access to DAS Extras are $25 per class, live or recorded. Please sign up with the link below if you want to join for the live event!

If you know you cannot attend the live event, but you’d like access to the recorded video, please submit a Drop-In Registration Form with the title of the video (DIL#1 or Motivation & Trauma Responses):

**NOTE: All students who attend the live event will be given access to the recorded video. Those with Unlimited Access still need to register for the Live Event but do not need to pay, and will automatically have access to the recorded video. Visit our Registration Page for more information on Unlimited Access Subscription!

We can’t wait to see you there!