Choreography Mini-Workshop

We are excited to offer you our first interactive Choreography Workshop! Held by Kelsee Douglas, this workshop is designed to help provide structure to beginning choreographers, and to support more experienced choreographers with an opportunity to practice and collaborate. Everyone is welcome to attend! See details below:

*Please note, time & price has changed to accommodate a smaller group!

Date:Saturday, April 15
Time*:3:00 – 4:00 pm
Location:The Studio! (#10-2404 Thayer Ave)

$40.00 Regular Price
$35.00 for Emerald Members
$20.00 for Silver Members

*Dance Alive students can use Punch Cards & Make-Up Classes to get 50% off this workshop!

This NEW SHORTENED MINI-WORKSHOP will have the following structure:

  • 5 minute Introduction (Meet & Greet, Warm-Up)

  • 50 minutes working through 1 or 2 short activities that help to inspire and support your choreography practice – learn, practice, and reflect on each activity!

  • 5 minute Wrap-Up (Cooling Down, Final Q&A)

This Mini-Workshop is designed to give you an introduction to some of our activities, and to let you explore different ways to engage in the choreographical process! We hope to continue offering these as a series, and eventually a full-length Workshop as interest allows!

While the workshop is designed for in-person engagement, we can offer a Remote Attendance option as needed. Please select the option on the form and we will reach out to plan the best way to allow you to attend and get the most out of the experience!

    As always, contact us with any questions Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more updates about the event and learn more about other events and activities we have upcoming at the studio!

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