Purdy’s Easter Chocolate Fundraiser

Easter is coming up and with it, one of our favourite fundraisers! Twice a year, Dance Alive Studios hold’s a Purdy’s chocolate fundraiser to help with studio costs. We are still reeling from the effects of the ongoing pandemic, as are most small businesses, so these fundraisers help us to keep the lights on and focus our attention on providing value to our existing clients! If you want to support local businesses, including the arts community, and eat some delicious treats, then have a look at the details below:

Follow the link above to order chocolate online! You’ll need to create a login account with Purdy’s but you can use that for every fundraiser we have. Please make sure you enter your email address carefully so we can reach you! Here is what you can expect:

  1. Follow the link above to enter in your order online. You can pay with credit card through the Purdy’s website (preferred), or get in touch with us at DAS via email (contact@dancealivestudios.com) if you’d like to pay a different way.

  1. You will not receive a confirmation email from Purdy’s from this order. I will send confirmations before the entire order is submitted.

  1. You must complete your online order by Saturday March 26 at midnight so I can submit the group order the following day!

  1. Your order will be ready for pick up at our studio location (#10-2404 Thayer Ave) by Friday April 8.

  1. Enjoy your treats!!

Currently, all proceeds will be used toward operations at the studio. However, you are also more than welcome to fundraise specifically for yourself or a dancer at the studio! This will be applied automatically to your account credit within DAS and can be used toward fees, merchandise, costumes, and more! Follow instructions below to allocate your funds:


  1. Make your order online using the steps above.

  1. Send an email to DAS at caelia@dancealivestudios.com to tell me the name on the order, and the name of the dancer you’d like to fundraise for.

  1. You’ll receive a confirmation back via email before the order is submitted!

As always, contact us with any questions Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for reminders and other activities!

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