Supplemental Training Week (Jan 24-28)

While group classes are cancelled at Dance Alive Studios for various reasons, we will continue to offer our current monthly students value by holding a Supplemental Training Week! While the program outlined below is available to students on Monthly Payments at no extra cost, we also welcome Drop-In students and anyone new to join in! Details are outlined below.

For our Supplemental Training Week, we will be offering a mixture of online materials and open studio time for students to come at their own pace and train:

  • Online Classes (OC) – Teachers may choose to hold select classes live via Zoom during regular class time, or they may record full hour-long classes including a warm-up and cool down. Check out our DAS Online page for more information.
  • Online Class Supplementals (OCS) – Teachers may choose instead to record shorter 30 minute lessons on technical concepts or teaching a choreographical combo. These videos will not include a warm-up and a cool down. Check out our DAS Online page for more information.

** NOTE – All students will have access to ALL VIDEOS AND ONLINE CLASSES! Feel free to try out a style you haven’t had time for, or challenge yourself with the next level. Recorded access will be available forever! **

  • Private Session Bookings – With group classes cancelled, the studio will be wide open for extra bookings. If you’re training exam syllabus, or working on a Path to Performance piece, this is the perfect time to book a session with a teacher. Learn more on our Private Lessons, Path to Performance, Exam Training, or Neurokinetic Therapy pages.
  • Open Studio Time – Even though group classes are cancelled, the studio will remain open! Studio time is FREE TO BOOK for students making Monthly Payments from Monday January 24 to Thursday January 27, 5:30 – 9:30 pm each evening. Please check the TeamUp Studio Calendar for availability and email us with your requested times. You may come by yourself or with a group! Group sizes will be limited depending on studio size.
  • Studio Rentals – If you’d like to book the studio outside of the Open Studio Times posted above, please visit our Studio Rental page for details on rates and how to book!
  • Extra Hybrid Events – Depending on the schedule of the teachers, we may offer an additional event or two for extra cost that will benefit our students and other movers and dance educators in the community. Stay tuned to our News & Events for registration or check out our DAS Online material on our DAS Store to purchase recordings from our current library!

While we understand that in-person group classes are most of our favourite way to dance, we hope that this model will provide similar value and enjoyment while allowing the teachers a relatively restful week to help adjust to the ongoing uncertainty we are all experiencing. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about our Supplemental Training Week, please contact us!

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