Workshop Series – Elements of Psychosomatics

As a further collaboration with Kaylen Jolly, we are excited to offer the 4-part Workshop Series: Elements of Psychosomatics – Ground, Guts, Grit, and Grace starting May 18, 2021. Kaylen Jolly is a mind-body professional certified in yoga, pilates, and psychosomatic techniques. Check out her website and biography here:


This Workshop Series will be offered in a hybrid style, where you may join live Online or In-Person at our studio location on Tuesdays 8:30 – 9:30 pm CST. All sessions will be recorded for later purchase or reference for those who attended live. Read more about the event below!

Elements of Psychosomatics — GROUND GUTS GRIT GRACE

4 week immersive, mind-body experience

Psychosomatics is a fancy word for ‘mind-body’ and implies that there is a subtle energy body beyond the physical form in which our personal energetics manifest or create the physical form (life). Within the psychosomatic framework we come to understand the development of the human psyche through what is commonly known as “the chakras”.

This practice teaches us that every-thing is connected, that one thing only exists in relationship to the other, and we have power to inner-stand the interconnectedness of life on earth as we are all powerful hu(e)man be-ings.

Subtle energy is felt through the body and the practice of proprioception helps us develop this sixth sense. The psychosomatic framework provides simple tools and practical application so we can learn to locate inadequate energy flow damned by mental, emotional, or physical experiences of the past (trauma). These molecules of emotion are held in the body as cellular memory creating redundant behavior, habits, and attitudes. We experience this suffering as physical dis-ease/illness/imbalance, mental and emotional strife/incongruence, and a spiritual loss of purpose or direction.

This methodology that brings the Self into awareness and harmony is truly self-empowering. The Psychosomatic Elements give great insight into the inherent rights of the human spirit and how to orient our self-awareness in order to integrate the shadow aspects of our psyche. Only then, can we begin to embody our authentic soul expression–our personal truth of an aligned and prosperous life.

This is a common sense approach to use in daily life to be more confident, respectful, and responsible, freeing you from personal suffering. Applying this work fosters peace of mind and body to enjoy the journey of your life; through your own self awareness and inner-standing you have authority and self governance. Therefore you can begin to create a life of your own divine design.

Workshop Series Pricing

Package Price
(4 Classes)
Live Online
(or Recorded)

*All prices include GST

For ONE WEEK ONLY (until Tues May 25), there is a discounted late registration package of $60 for in-person or $40 for online, plus the additional $15 recording of the first missed class, meaning:

Late Registration Package Price
(3 Classes + First Recorded Class)
Live Online
(or Recorded)
*Due by Tues May 25

Drop-In attendance and Recorded Sessions are available right until the last class on June 8. Register by emailing Dance Alive Studios:

I hope to see you there!

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