Dance Mastery


DANCE MASTERY is a brand-new program evolved from our previous Exam Training services at Dance Alive Studios! This new program offers more opportunities for specialized dance coaching in more than just Ballet Exams. This is currently a Pilot Program and will continue to evolve under requests from students. If you were hoping to learn more about any aspect of dance, this is the program for you!

About the Program

For almost 15 years, Caelia has helped train ballet dancers in their Vocational Ballet Exams through the Royal Academy of Dance. She has coached all levels and backgrounds, from direct entry beginner adult dancers in Intermediate Foundation, to life-long ballet students in their successful completion of Advanced 2. Up until this point, RAD ballet exam training was only possible if offered under the supervision of Madame Juliette Perrey-Perez. After much deliberation, Caelia has decided that while including Madame Juliette in the coaching process is invaluable, the high cost of time, energy, and resources that are demanded for adults to complete RAD exams through Dance Alive Studios has become unsustainable. This is how the Dance Mastery program was born!

With over a decade of coaching experience with the RAD, and a lifetime of dancing experience, Caelia is still excited to offer training in Ballet Exam work on a supplemental basis. While Dance Alive will no longer be able to submit students for exams, she is more than happy to work with adult students and other exam studios in the city to create a custom training plan to help ballet dancers realize their dreams of completing RAD exams. Through Dance Mastery, Caelia will work with you to create the perfect plan to hone your technical skills, your discipline, your physical and mental strength, and your artistry to achieve the goal of completing a ballet exam in a sustainable way made achievable for adult dancers.

Dance Mastery isn’t only available to those wishing to complete RAD Ballet exams either! With this new program, Caelia is excited to offer many more opportunities for dancers to dive deep into the world of dance and devote significant time and effort to perfecting their craft. Keep reading for some more possible experiences available through Dance Mastery!

Options through Dance Mastery

While Dance Mastery is definitely a doorway to successfully achieving your RAD Ballet Examinations as an adult dancer, there is so much more available to us in the world of dance! Here are some more options for study in the Dance Mastery program:

  • Adult dancers who want to learn some of the RAD Ballet syllabus but aren’t necessarily interested in completing the exam. We can pick and choose the exercises that we want to study, and an internal performance option is made available to demonstrate your hard work in front of studio members and friends (Dec 2, 2023).
  • Dancers wanting to explore other syllabus material available in Saskatchewan & Canada – could include CDTA, ADAPT, Cechetti, Vaganova (research and attainment required, Caelia does not hold certifications or have access to all syllabi mentioned).
  • Performers interested in studying some professional body of work to learn the history, technique, and performance elements – could include ballet repertoire, works by artists like Balanchine, Martha Graham, Fosse, or a specific dance show.
  • Students who desire the opportunity to focus on one particular aspect of dance training for a period of time, such as anatomy, psychology, physical conditioning, artistry, techincal proficiency, or anything else interesting to the dancer. 

The options are endless, and currently, entirely student-driven. If you have an idea, Caelia will discuss it with you and together you can formulate a completely customized plan to help you realize your full potential as a dancer and artist!


In order to fit as well as possible with our other programs, Dance Mastery is currently being offered from July 1 – December 2, 2023 (optional performance in December). Special periods are available outside of this on a case-by-case basis, but breaks may be needed around DAS performances. A full schedule will be discussed upon application for Dance Mastery as Caelia works with you to develop your custom program.


All students engaged in Dance Mastery must maintain DAS Membership (included in some registration options). A Pricing Plan for Dance Mastery will be developed specially for each case, along with the custom training plan, but starting prices are based on Private Lesson prices included below:

Price per Hour
1 dancer$85.50 + GST
2 dancers
$54.00 + GST
(per person)
3+ dancers
$40.50 + GST
(per person)

If you’d like to learn more, or join the interest list, please fill out the form below, or contact us!