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Previously offered as Neurokinetic Therapy sessions, our Embodiment Coaching is a 1-on-1 experience to dive into the wonderful world of embodiment! While Caelia is certified in Level 1 Neurokinetic Therapy (she is only one of two registered NKT Practitioners in Saskatoon!), this is only one of the modalities used in the process of helping dancers, athletes, and anyone else who moves their body to better understand their whole selves.

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What is the Embodiment Program?

Embodiment can be defined as “the process of bringing abstract concept into the physical body”, or, as we like to say, “connecting body & mind through the movement of energy”. Our Embodiment Program at Dance Alive is a one-of-a-kind and revolutionary experience that leads students through 3 separate approaches to connect their body and mind. The full program consists of three courses: Embodied MovementEmbodied Strength, and Embodied Mind. Together, these three courses help our members create a sense of awareness, freedom, resilience, and trust in their minds and bodies. Students in these classes also begin to learn a language and mindset that promotes personal empowerment, instead of placing the power outside ourselves and into the hands of “experts”. We teach tools and concepts that allow students to learn how to care of their own bodies or to move toward their wellness/fitness goals on their own. These classes form the foundation of our entire dance program at Dance Alive. We believe strongly that our teachings through these classes help to create a safe, loving, and powerful community that values both personal autonomy and sovereignty, along with life-long learning and development. 

Our three Embodiment classes are offered on a rotating schedule this season, to better allow our students full access to all three classes!

Embodied Movement
Focus on mobility, stretching, rolling, and breath

Embodied Strength
Focus on bodyweight, power, cardio, and strength

Embodied Mind
Focus on chakras, energy, meditation, and the nervous system

All three classes are also offered in hybrid style: both in-person at the studio, or by joining live remotely via Zoom. Recordings are available as well through our Membership subscription or by special order on our DAS Store. Embodied Movement and Embodied Strength have been combined for the summer in the new Body Break class. Check out our Summer Drop-In Schedule for more information on how and when to join the classes!

Why Embodiment Coaching?

Our three Embodiment classes mentioned above are intended to provide information to our students in a cyclical, accessible, and autonomous way. Students are exposed to different modalites and given a chance to experience certain practices, but the classes are structured to provide breadth, not depth. If our students discover something they want more focused attention on, we then offer our one-on-one Embodiment Coaching service!

This service is a perfect add-on to the existing Embodiment Program, but it is also accessible to anyone in our other classes or outside of the studio who is interested in learning more about their body. Here are just a few of the ways people have found value in Embodiment Coaching:

  • Diving deeper into a concept explored in Embodied Movement, Strength, or Mind class

  • Adressing a nagging ache or pain in the body that doesn’t seem to respond to other treatments (e.g. plantar fasciitis, low back, neck pain, clicking hips, etc.)

  • Focusing on an area of the body to improve range and quality of motion (e.g. getting the leg higher in extensions, developing more strength for jumps, more fluidity of motion in a movement sequence)

  • Exploring why a certain muscle or muscle groups don’t fire when they need to (e.g. difficulty holding abdominals engaged, or squeezing the glutes in a bridge)

  • Deeper discussion about emotional concepts explored in Embodied Mind, and more focused coaching on energy movement, emotional regulation, sharing vulnerable truths etc. (not a replacement to therapy sessions with a health practitioner, but excellent supplementation)

  • Help in body mapping physical illnesses & injuries to emotional experiences and energy centres of the body (i.e. understanding why chronic physiological conditions may be related to psychological issues)

Embodiment Coaching can be booked as one-off sessions whenever desired, or can be regularly scheduled for a more long term goal. The process is highly customizable and Caelia will help you decide what is the best approach to meet your goals and achieve your desired outcome! If you have more questions or you are interested in booking a session, please scroll down to the bottom and find the link to Contact Us

What is NKT?

NeuroKinetic Therapy is just one of the tools that Caelia can use in the context of an Embodiment Coaching session. It is a treatment protocol that uses a combination of movement-based assessments and manual muscle tests in order to identify dysfunctional muscle relationships in the body. Every time we perform any movement, our brain and nervous system need to fire our muscles in a specific pattern to produce efficient easy results. If that pattern is disrupted by an injury, imbalance, limited mobility, or anything else, our brains will establish a compensation pattern to help us reach our goals anyway. If these compensation patterns are dysfunctional, they can cause pain, headaches, dizziness, poor balance, stiffness, overuse injuries, and more. NKT gives us a practical treatment method that is based in the brain but implemented in the muscles to quickly, comfortably, and easily address dysfunctional movement patterns.

If this protocol is used as a part of your session, you’ll be assessed with an explanation of your injury history, some movement, and manual muscle testing. Once a pattern is identified, gentle stretch and release techniques are used to help relax and overworking muscle(s). Then, you will be given activation exercises to “wake up” the underworking muscle(s), which are quick and easy to do and do not require any equipment! After this simple reset, many clients report feeling immediate results. The homework is simple and easy, and the progress should happen quickly. It can transform your dancing (or other movement practices) within weeks!

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