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*Previously Neurokinetic Therapy sessions. This page is under construction. While we update our services, please read about NKT! It is just one of the tools included in our Embodiment Coaching service.

Caelia Gardiner is very excited to be able to offer Neurokinetic Therapy treatments after receiving certification as a Level 1 NKT practitioner. She is only one of two registered NKT Practitioners in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, so this is a unique and rare service to have provided at our studio. Keep reading for more information on NKT!

What is NKT?

NeuroKinetic Therapy is a treatment protocol that uses a combination of movement-based assessments and manual muscle tests in order to identify dysfunctional muscle relationships in the body. Every time we perform any movement, our brain and nervous system need to fire our muscles in a specific pattern to produce efficient easy results. If that pattern is disrupted by an injury, imbalance, limited mobility, or anything else, our brains will establish a compensation pattern to help us reach our goals anyway. If these compensation patterns are dysfunctional, they can cause pain, headaches, dizziness, poor balance, stiffness, overuse injuries, and more. NKT gives us a practical treatment method that is based in the brain but implemented in the muscles to quickly, comfortably, and easily address dysfunctional movement patterns.

In your 1-hour session, you’ll be assessed with an explanation of your injury history, some movement, and manual muscle testing. Once a pattern is identified, gentle stretch and release techniques are used to help relax and overworking muscle(s). Then, you’re given activation exercises to “wake up” the underworking muscle(s), which are quick and easy to do and do not require any equipment! After this simple reset, you can feel immediate results. The homework is simple and easy, and the progress happens quickly. It can transform your dancing (or other movement practices) within weeks!

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All sessions are 1 hour in length. Follow-up sessions are the same length as initial sessions because we can find new patterns and work on strengthening weak muscles once they’ve been set in a functional pattern again. Prices are below:


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If you want to know more, or to book a session send us an email! Available times vary from week to week. Check out our TeamUp Calendar for regular openings.

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