DAS Membership

Membership with Dance Alive Studios is a great way to get discounts on rentals and private lessons, gain access to our Path to Performance program and Exam Training options, and support multiple local businesses!

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Emerald Membership

*included for those registered in

Discounts on rentals & privates

Access to Emerald Online Library

Priority sign-up and discounts on events & activities

1 entry in local lace + lotus giveaways

Access to studio programs like Path to Performance and Exam Training

Access to our exclusive virtual community to make friends in dance!

Silver Membership

*$10 off to upgrade for those registered in Month-to-Month, included for those registered in Unlimited Access

All Emerald benefits

Access to Silver Online Library

Free access to most extra Pop-Up Classes & Workshops

15% off products through DAS Store

3 entries in lace + lotus giveaways

Advertising & networking opportunities for educators & business owners!

*See detailed terms of membership below

Interested in something more that you don’t see on the list? Contact us with your suggestions and ideas!

Why Membership?

At Dance Alive Studios, we are building more than just a dance studio. For over 10 years, Caelia has been devoted to a growing community of adult dancers and performers in this city. The members of DAS create something bigger than the sum of its parts. Our studio has become a place to connect with ourselves and each other, support local business, engage in art and healing, all in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Committing to a monthly membership with DAS allows you to be a part of this phenomenal community and helps support the staff of Dance Alive develop projects that have a greater focus on community-building than on profit.

With a minimum amount of paid* memberships to DAS each month, membership fees will be put towards purchasing items from local providers through lace + lotus, an event planning business in Saskatoon that is devoted to supporting other local vendors through sponsorship, advertising, and gift boxes. More items for the giveaways will be purchased from other small businesses run by clients of Dance Alive Studios, helping us to support one another within our own community. In this way, a mere $15/month to Dance Alive Studios will go a long way toward supporting art in our community as well as providing revenue and exposure to other small local businesses in Saskatoon. It also gives you, the member, access to a wider network of local passionate vendors who all want to contribute to the economic landscape of our city.

Membership with DAS is also a great way to remain a part of the studio even if the regular weekly classes are not accessible to you. We have custom training options through our Path to Performance and Exam Training programs which are only available to Members. Private lessons and coaching are available at a discounted rate to Members, as well as access to Monthly Rental packages. Our growing DAS Online Library is a fantastic way to keep up your training at home and help us reach our out-of-town friends. With all the discounts and programs available, a Membership easily pays for itself, providing a win-win for everyone involved!

As membership grows, we have been able to add more benefits like online content, discounts for workshops, and priority sign-up for events. If you have any suggestions or ideas for how you think we can improve our Membership model, please contact us! We are passionate about supporting our community and the arts scene in Saskatoon, and we want to hear from you!

How It Works

You can register for Membership on a Monthly or Annual basis:

Monthly Membership
  • Pay on the 1st of each month by e-transfer or credit card (automatic charges preferred)
  • Email reminders will be provided for manual payments, late fees may apply
  • Cancellation must be providedwith 7 days notice via email for cancellation of fees
  • No pro-rating or refunds will be applied for mid-month registrations
  • A minimum 3-month commitment is required to begin membership
  • Once cancelled, even for one month, another 3-month minimum is required to renew
Annual Membership
  • Pay upon registration for 1 year of membership from date of payment
  • No refunds available for withdrawal of Membership before end of annual period

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