Music Editing

As a dance studio, we have many needs for editing music which we perform in-house. You can take advantage of our services as well! Caelia Gardiner has been editing her own dance music for class and for stage for many years, and is happy to help you edit yours. Because she is a choreographer as well, she has intimate knowledge of counting, timing, and other musicality features that are important for dancers! If you need some help deciding where the edits should go, or what is the best sound for your group, she can get you there.

Your music editing can be done remotely (via email/text) or in person. Editing rates are $30/hour with a minimum charge of 1 hour. They are charged hourly due to the increased difficult of some cuts over others. However, most easy songs will take 1 hour or less ($30 charge). If you are not fully satisfied with your edit, or decide it needs a little more fixing once you’ve used it in class, she will see you through until the end of the project. Edited music can be presented in any file format on almost any type of data storage device – even CDs! Turn around time is quick too – if you need it in a few days, and it’s a reasonably simple cut, she’ll have it finished for you. No more worries over dance music editing!

To inquire further about our music editing services, please contact us and we’ll get you cutting in no time!