Dance studios have so many artistic needs and music and video editing are becoming more important in our current climate. It can be a very expensive service to get done professionally so we offer mid-range simple editing services for affordable prices!

Music/video editing can be done remotely (via email/text) or in-person at the following rates:

Minimum charge (1 hour of service)$30.00 + GST
Additional work$30.00/hour + GST

Most simple edits will take 1 hour or less. If you are not fully satisfied with your edit, or decide it needs a little more fixing once you’ve used it in class, we will see you through until the end of the project, with additional time charged as needed.

Edited music can be presented in any file format on almost any type of data storage device – even CDs! Turn around time is quick too – if you need it in a few days, and it’s a reasonably simple cut, we can have it finished for you.