Studio Rentals

We have TWO STUDIOS for rental – dance classes, fitness classes, conference meetings, distanced viewing events, birthday parties, and more!


Studio Specifications

We have two sizeable studios for rent:

The Green Room

  • 46′ x 39′, ~1800 sqft
  • High ceilings (slight echo)
  • 40′ of wall barre plus an additional 40′ of portable barres
  • 40′ of mirror with optional curtain coverings
  • No windows, good ventilation, lots of air flow

The Grey Area

  • 34.5′ x 28′, ~980 sqft
  • Low, dropped ceiling (no echo)
  • 30′ of wall barre plus an additional 20′ of portable barres
  • 30′ of mirror (no curtain coverings yet)
  • One window to front door area

Both studios have the same dance floor:

  • Hand-made double-layer plywood sprung floor
  • Rosco Marley mats, frequently re-taped (Adagio Tour)
  • Suitable for ALL TYPES OF DANCE, including Tap and Flamenco (clean indoor shoes required)

The studio facility has the following amenities:

  • Open front entrance with hand sanitizer, boot shelves, and coat rack
  • Lounge with comfortable couches and coffee table (off-limits during pandemic)
  • Staff office (lockable with key) for valuable storage
  • Kitchenette with microwave, mini-fridge, glass ware, utensils, and a sink (all currently off-limits except sink for filling water bottles)
  • 2 separate bathrooms*, one large, one small – each bathroom as one (1) accessible stall, and one or two (1 or 2) other smaller stalls (appropriate for changing)

*Dance Alive Studios has GENDER NEUTRAL BATHROOMS which means anyone of any gender identity may use the bathroom of their choice. All toilet stalls are separated by full walls with almost floor to ceiling stall doors, providing the utmost privacy to our clients and friends. If you have questions or concerns about our bathroom arrangement, please contact us.

Studio Rental Prices

(25% off)
The Green Room
(46′ x 39′, ~1800 sqft)
(taxes inc.)
(taxes inc.)
The Grey Area
(34.5′ x 28′, ~980 sqft)
(taxes inc.)
(taxes inc.)
Full Studio
(including bathrooms, lounge, & office)
(taxes inc.)
(taxes inc.)
TV Add-On
(including connections)
(taxes inc.)
(taxes inc.)

*DAS MEMBERS are students already registered in Monthly Payments
(More membership options coming soon)

*Discounts will be considered for day-time rentals or bulk rental periods

All studio rentals include optional use of the following:

  • Access to lounge, kitchenette, and bathrooms as needed (not exclusive) – lounge is off-limits during pandemic
  • Use of speakers (Bluetooth connected, AUX cord available by request)
  • Wireless internet (password available upon request)
  • Fitness equipment (exercise balls, therabands, TuneUp Therapy Balls, exercise mats, yoga blocks, and more!)

Interested in Renting?

Visit our Team-Up Studio Calendar to check for available studio rental times and fill out a form below for either a One-Time Rental or a Recurring Rental.

For one-time use of the studio, rental for an event or workshop

For a recurring rental block, holding weekly classes or meetings