Pricing & Payment


There are 5 ways to enjoy classes with Dance Alive Studios!

TRIAL CLASS – First class FREE for Newcomers!

DROP-IN PASSPurchase online before your class ($25 per class)

4-CLASS PUNCH CARD – Pay ahead and save $5! ($95 for 4 classes)

TERM REGISTRATION – Pre-pay for a 6-8 Week Term for a discount!
($135-$180 depending on Term length)

MONTHLY REGISTRATION – The best deal on securing your spot every week!
($75 per month for 1 class)

Trial Class

Is it your first time to the studio? Try any class FOR FREE for the first time to see how you like it! Simply fill out the Registration Form, try the class, and sign up for more after!

Drop-In Pass

Once you are registered for Season 7 classes, purchase a Drop-In Pass at any time for any class through the website. Pay online with a credit card, send an e-transfer, or have us charge your credit card on file.

Regular Price
$25.00 + GST
Emerald Members
*10% off!
$22.50 + GST
Silver Members
*20% off!
$20.00 + GST

*Drop-In Passes must be used within 1 month of purchase.
*No refunds are given for unused Drop-In Passes.

4-Class Punch Cards

Once you are registered for Season 7 classes, purchase a 4-Class Punch Card and save $5! Pay online with a credit card, send an e-transfer, or have us charge your credit card on file.

Regular Price
$95.00 + GST
Emerald Members
*10% off!
$85.50 + GST
Silver Members
*20% off!
$76.00 + GST

*Punch Cards must be used within 6 months of purchase.
*No refunds are given for unused Punch Cards.
*Unused Punch Cards may be converted to Account Credit to be used for eligible services.

Term Registration

*BRAND NEW* to Dance Alive, our season will now consist of 5 terms:

  • Term A (Sep 11 – Nov 3) – 8 Weeks (only 7 Weeks for Monday Classes)
  • Term B (Nov 13 – Dec 22) – 6 Weeks
  • Term C (Jan 8 – Feb 16) – 6 Weeks 
  • Term D (Feb 26 – Apr 26) – 8 Weeks (no classes Easter Break)
  • Term E (Apr 29 – Jun 8) – 6 Weeks 

The schedule will generally stay the same from one Term to the next, but minor adjustments may be made for classes with low enrollment, and when choreography begins in Jan 2024. Term Registration is perfect if you want to commit to a class for a short period at a time.

6 Week Term7 Week Term8 Week Term
Regular Price$135.00 + GST$157.50 + GST$180.00 + GST
Emerald Members
*10% off!
$121.50 + GST
$141.75 + GST
$162.00 + GST
Silver Members
*20% off!
$108.00 + GST
$126.00 + GST
$144.00 + GST

*No refunds are given for missed classes within the Term. Make-Up Classes may be arranged within the same Term as missed classes in certain cases.

*No refunds given on cancelled Term Registration. Please purchase responsibly.

Monthly Registration

If you love dancing and you want to join us for good, Monthly Registration is the option for you! This option is the best deal around, and secures your spot in our classes indefinitely. It also includes Emerald Membership, which comes with other perks like discounts, access to special programs, priority invitation to events, and more! You can even set up automatic credit card payments and let your mind stay focused on dancing 🙂

Monthly Registration is $75/mth for one class per week. If you take 5 or more classes, your monthly payment will cap out at $350/mth!

Monthly Registration$75.00/month + GST
Maximum Fee$350.00/month + GST

*Monthly Registration requires a minimum 3-month commitment.

*No refunds will be given for missed classes. Make-Up Classes may be arranged within 30 days of the missed class in certain cases.

*Monthly Registration may be cancelled any time after the first 3 months. Any reinstatement of Monthly Registration will require another 3 month commitment.

Performance Commitment & Fees

Students who choose to participate in the performance for our year-end June show will experience fees for the following extra items:

  • Performance Costumes
  • Group Photo Shoot
  • Performance Rehearsals

Performance Participation is entirely optional. More information will be provided to students as the season progresses, but Performance Commitment usually requires the following:

  • Completion of a Performance Agreement by Dec 15, 2023, confirming the performer’s commitment to their class registration, costume payment, learning group choreography, and attendance at all rehearsals & performance

  • Commitment to Monthly Registration of Performance Classes from Jan 8 to Jun 8, 2024 (Terms C/D/E), with a cancellation fee of $50 + GST if withdrawal is necessary

  • Commitment to a Costume Payment regardless of withdrawal, with full costume deposit of $125 due by Jan 15, 2024 (can be made in fully refundable payments of $25/mth from Sep-Jan) *Costume deposits are fully refundable until Jan 15, 2024, after which point they will be applied to the actual balance of the costume and more fees may be required, or some portion of the deposit may be refunded. Please contact us for more info.

  • Commitment to learning group choreography by attending class regularly and practicing between classes to stay up to speed with the group

  • Opportunity to join for a Group Photo Shoot with costume & make-up held with a professional photographer ($25 + GST for Photo Shoot Session, ordering photo products is an extra optional cost)

  • Commitment to attend all extra rehearsals ($25-$35 + GST per rehearsal) and performances as scheduled and communicated in the Performance Agreement

Performance is a TON OF FUN and while it remains purely optional, we do encourage everyone in the studio join us for our year-end June Show! If the extra fees associated with performing are a barrier to joining, stay tuned for fundraising activities we hold throughout the year that allow you to earn money that goes directly into your Account Credit to pay for costume & performance fees! We need to cover our costs associated with performing, but we want nothing more than to make this experience accessible to everyone, so please reach out if you have further questions!

Compassionate Pricing

We are dedicated to a philosophy of accessibilty at Dance Alive Studios, and we believe dance is for everyone. If you are interested in taking more classes than you can afford at this time, please send us a message to tell us what you need! Some of the options we’ve provided in the past are included below:

  • Studio cleaning in lieu of paying fees
  • Opportunities for supported fundraising to pay for fees
  • Reduced fees for an agreed upon period to get through tough times
  • Extended deadlines or special payment plans

Compassionate Pricing options are entirely dependent on the resources and capacity available to the studio and owner at the time of request. Though we may not always be capable of providing accommodations, we are always interested in hearing from you!

Payment Methods

Dance Alive Studios currently accepts multiple options for payments:

  • E-transfer Payments: Send to* in the exact amount shown on your invoice or order summary

*If you still have as a payee that will work fine for now!

  • Pay Online: Follow the invoice link in your DAS Account or go through the DAS Store to use your credit card or Visa debit to pay online easily and securely

  • Credit Card on File: If you plan to be with us for a while, you can have us store your credit card on file and it will be automatically charged on a monthly cycle, or as purchases occur. Please call 306-914-5565 to leave credit card details on a voicemail (name, billing address, card number, expiry date, and CVC number). Please DO NOT include credit card details over text or email.

All invoice and receipt information is emailed to you and saved on your private DAS Account. Please contact us with any further questions.