Pricing & Payment

There are three main options for Regular Season Registration with Dance Alive
(for Summer Registration, check out our News & Events page!):

Trial Classes

Trial Classes are a great way to see if you like a class before committing to it. These are only available if the class is not already full with Monthly Payment and Drop-In registrations. The Trial Classes are less expensive to help get you in the door. The best way to figure out if a class is for you is to just come try it!

Drop-In Access

Drop-In Access is available as long as the class is not full with Monthly Registrations. Drop-In fees are more expensive, and students must give 24 hours notice via email of dropping into a class each week or they may be turned away when they arrive. Discounted Drop-In Access is available to DAS Members, with a minimum $15/month, 3-month commitment.

Monthly Registration

Monthly Registration is the best deal, and fees are due at the beginning of each month. Due to holidays and scheduled breaks, some months have more classes than others – so you only pay for the classes that are scheduled (unless you choose equalized payments!). If choosing to perform with DAS, costume deposits can be included as well. Upon registration, you will receive a set of invoices for the season so you can see the amount you will owe for each month. Discounts are available for multiple class registrations, and there is a Unlimited Access option as well! Emerald Membership is included with Monthly Payments, with a discounted option to upgrade to Silver Membership. Missed classes are not reimbursed on Monthly Payments, although make-up classes may be permitted depending on availability of classes and time of year.

Trial & Drop-In Classes

Trial Classes are only available for your first time trying a class in order to determine whether you’d like to commit – offered at the discretion of the studio.

Drop-In Access is only available while space in the class permits – students must give 24 hours notice via email before EACH class they wish to attend.

Trial Class$15.00
Drop-In Class
$30.00 (Member)
$35.00 (Non-Member)

*Taxes are included in all prices

Monthly Registration

Monthly Registration payments are calculated per class and tallied up to be billed at the beginning of the month.

45 min – 1 hour$25.00/class
1 hour +$30.00/class

*Taxes are included in all prices

Upon registration, you will receive a set of invoices for the season so you can see the amount you will owe for each month (equalized payments can be arranged as well). For example, a 1-hour Recreational class in a typical month of 4 weeks will cost $100/month.

Multiple Class Discounts are also offered as a part of Monthly Registration, and an Unlimited Access option is offered for those dancers who want to take it all!

1 classFull price
2 classes10% off
3 classes15% off
Unlimited Access*$350

*Taxes are included in all prices

*The Unlimited Access option is only applied to dance fees from Monthly Registration.
Private Sessions, Exam Training, Studio Rentals, and inventory purchases will be charged on top of the monthly total.

Costume Deposits

Students who choose to participate in a performance for our year-end shows will require a costume. Costumes are ordered around January, so a costume deposit of $100/class is required by January 31. This can be paid in monthly installments of $20 from September to January which would be added to your Monthly Registration, or in a lump sum at any point before the deadline.

Please note this is a deposit only. If you are unsure whether you want to perform, we recommend you include the deposit monthly in your fees. If a costume is never ordered for you, you will receive a full refund. However, once costumes have been ordered, you are responsible for the full cost, regardless of participation. This is a rare occurrence and easily avoided. Costumes may end up costing more or less than $100, which means any money left owing on your costume by May 1 is payable to DAS, but any money overpaid will be refunded back. An itemized costume invoice will be delivered to each student by May 1. Costume overages can be handled by studio-supported fundraising, done year-round. We are always trying to keep dance accessible to all!

Rehearsal Fees

Performance rehearsals are charged differently than regular classes. They can be many hours in length and require “all hands on deck”. Performances are always optional for DAS dancers, so rehearsals are charged extra above the regular class rates at the following prices:

1-2 routines$25.00 per rehearsal
3-4 routines$30.00 per rehearsal
5+ routines$35.00 per rehearsal

*Taxes are included in all prices

Rehearsal costs are NOT charged for the actual performance, only for the tech and dress rehearsals leading up to the performance.

How Do I Pay?

Dance Alive Studios currently accepts multiple options for payments:

  • E-transfer (*preferred*) – Payments can be sent to “”, no security answer necessary. *Payments sent to “” are still accepted.
  • Automatic credit card (*preferred*) – Your credit card will be kept on file through secure banking software to be automatically charged at the beginning of each month. Any additional charges will require confirmation before being charged. 

Other methods availalbe by request:

  • Manual credit card – Each invoice can be paid online by credit card if requested 
  • Cheque – Make all cheques payable to “Dance Alive Studios”, and bring to the studio. Post-dated cheques are also acceptable.
  • Cash – Please bring exact change (preferably in an envelope with your name on it) to the studio. Any extra payment can be applied to your account for the next month’s fees.

All invoice and receipt information is available on your unique and private DAS Account (hosted by Notion). Please contact us with any further questions.

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