Student Centre

The DAS Student Centre is for distribution of class-related material to currently enrolled students. Choreography videos, ballet terms, spacing diagrams, and more are shared here. Each page is password protected so only current students may have access. Material in the student centre is private property of Dance Alive and is not to be shared publicly or distributed in any way.

DAS Online

Government restrictions and the global situation with respect to COVID-19 are changing daily. Keep up to date on our News & Events page, and check out our Studio Info page for information on current classes. For those who want to partake in distance learning, or for when in-studio classes are not the best option, we have created some online material for your use. Stay tuned for future offerings!

DISCLAIMER: Dancing at home through video instruction carries risk of injury and accident. Dancers choose to participate in remote training at their own risk. Please take a moment to read the following tips on how to stay safe while practicing at home:

Join Us on BAND!

Dance Alive’s virtual community lives on the BAND app! This is basically like our very own Facebook group, but without needing a Facebook profile. You can sign up via your other social media accounts, or you can create a new account if you like. If you want to subscribe to any future class releases, they will all be posted and managed via BAND.

Below is just a few great reasons to join us on BAND!

  1. There is one big group for all the studio members & friends, as well as individual groups for each class. This allows you to connect with your classmates outside of class easily and respectfully. 
  2. There are instant chat features as well that serve as a convenient messaging system, allowing the teachers to make group chats as needed without adding everyone on various social media platforms.
  3. BAND can be used on desktop and mobile, so it makes it easy for teachers to communicate from their phones in the event of emergencies like travel hold-ups, cancelled classes, schedule changes, etc. and everyone can see the conversation that results. 
  4. BAND has additional features like polls, calendar events, sign-up lists and more! Super easy to give feedback and stay up-to-date on studio events 🙂
  5. BAND provides our studio with a safe, fun, and convenient platform for easy transition to online classes if need be. While nothing can replace in-person experiences, having an online community is an important way to support each other and will help us quickly adjust to new circumstances. 

If you’d like to join, download the app on your phone, or open a browser window on your computer, and contact us for the link to join!