Classes with Jennifer Bezaire

Different classes are offered from time to time in sessions from Jennifer Bezaire. Schedule is listed below as well as posted on the Schedule & Calendar page. Prices are listed below.

Ballet Fundamentals

Ballet Fundamentals is geared towards the absolute beginner, those returning to dance from a long hiatus or injury, and those interested in understanding more about fundamental movements and technique skills. The class will include barre and centre work, covering ballet basics including correct posture, placement, the use of arms, weight transfer, linking, and travelling steps.

Conditioning with Imagery (C-I Training)

C-I Training is a comprehensive, dance specific conditioning program developed by Donna Krasnow incorporating Bartenieff Fundamentals, Franklin Method, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, the work of Irene Dowd, Lulu Sweigard, Mabel Todd, Joseph Pilates, and Ruth Solomon, among others as it applies directly to dance. The use of imagery combines the somatic practice of neuromuscular re-patterning with conditioning exercises designed to improve muscular strength, endurance, and range of motion. Through imagery applied to their conditioning practice, dance participants can simultaneously address neuromuscular re-patterning while improving their strength, coordination, and flexibility. C-I Training directly addresses common challenge dance participants with applying and transferring the skills they have learned in somatic and conditioning methods to their dance practice and daily lives outside of dance. It also doubles as an appropriate, complete warm-up to adequately prepare the body for dance activity and prevent injury. This class is for everyone and a pre-requisite for participation in Open Adult Ballet Class.

Open Adult Ballet

This is a complete technique class open to adult students that covers barre through centre work including turns and allegro. Participants should be familiar with ballet terminology and have experience practicing at an intermediate level. Class will emphasize the use of breath, arms, core support, musicality and artistic presentation as well as technical execution.

** C-I Training class prior to this technique class is required. **


Class Times

6:00 – 6:55 pm — Ballet Fundamentals
7:00 – 7:55 pm — Conditioning with Imagery
8:00 – 9:30 pm — Open Adult Ballet 

Spring 6-Week Session #1

Friday April 19
Friday April 26
Monday April 29
Monday May 13
Friday May 17
Friday May 31 

Spring 6-Week Session #2

Monday June 3
Friday June 14
Monday June 17
Monday June 24
Thursday June 27
Friday June 28 

Pricing & Registration

All class fees are payable to Jennifer Bezaire via cash, cheque or e-transfer to

Ballet Fundamentals

6 classes (1 session) — $100
12 classes (2 sessions) — $180

6 classes (1 session) bundled with C-I Training (12 classes total) — $180

Conditioning with Imagery (C-I Training)

6 classes (1 session) — $100
12 classes (2 sessions) — $180

6 classes (1 session) bundled with Ballet Fundamentals (12 classes total) — $180
6 classes (1 session) bundled with Open Adult Ballet (12 classes total) — $225

Open Adult Ballet

6 classes (1 session) bundled with C-I Training (12 classes total) — $225

Drop-In Options

55 minute class — $20
90 minute class — $25

Drop-ins, advanced dancers, dance teachers, and professional dance artists are all welcome. Contact Jennifer at to register for full sessions or make arrangements ahead of time for dropping in. A minimum number of registered participants is required to run the sessions above.