Keep Dance ALIVE – Sponsorship Program

Running a dance studio during a pandemic is a unique challenge, and one that we have been navigating since March 16, 2020, when DAS shut down for in-studio classes. Since then, Caelia and the team have been meeting, coordinating, brainstorming, making online content, planning for re-opening, and teaching 6-week sessions. This sponsorship program allows DAS to maintain a somewhat steady and predictable revenue (a real gift in all this!), while YOU get lots of great gifts in return!

The sponsorship program has been extended until September 2020, so students can use it continue taking advantage of our Unlimited Classes in the Platinum level. As of October 1, 2020, there will be no more sponsorship payment options. If you have any questions about sponsorship, please contact us and we can chat!

How it Works

  • For each one-time payment, you get the group of future credits listed (good until July 31, 2021)
  • For Summer Subscription (monthly payments for June/July/August), you get the future credits listed for EACH PAYMENT (they add up!), PLUS the additional discount off merchandise & equipment for the 2020/2021 season (*Extended to September)
  • Any payment gets you on our exclusive mailing list, an invite to our online BAND community, and you’ll be included in social activities as they come up!

Platinum Payment – $200

1 hour private lessons($100 value)
2 hours studio rental time($80 value)
2 tickets to any DAS show(up to $50 value)
Unlimited Online Access for 1 month!(up to $200 value)
Unlimited Classes for 1 month!(more than $400 value!)
** Summer Subscription:
25% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Gold Payment – $100

45 min private lessons($75 value)
1.5 hours studio rental time($60 value)
1 ticket to any DAS show(up to $25 value)
Access to 3 videos or classes(up to $75 value)
** Summer Subscription:
20% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Silver Payment – $50

30 min private lessons($50 value)
1 hour studio rental time($40 value)
Access to 2 videos or classes(up to $50 value)
** Summer Subscription:
15% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Bronze Payment – $25

30 min studio rental time($25 value)
Access to 1 video or class(up to $25 value)
** Summer Subscription:
10% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Emerald Payment – $5

** Summer Subscription:
5% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Have questions about our sponsorship model? Contact us and we can chat about it!