Your first class in any discipline is FREE! You have no excuse – come try it out with nothing to lose!

Our Summer Program is offered on a PAY-AS-YOU-GO basis. All you have to do is show up to whichever classes you want, no commitment required, and your attendance will be recorded. At the end of the month, you’ll receive a bill for the classes attended, upon which payment is due within two weeks. Pricing for summer classes is the same as the Regular Season Class Fees (see below), however, Multiple Class Discount does not apply for summer registration.

Our Regular Season offers two registration options:

PUNCH CARDS are available for 5 classes at a time for $85. They are only redeemable for certain classes during certain periods of the season due to the general commitment requirements of our studio. Please inquire for more details.

MONTHLY PAYMENTS are by far the best option! There is no registration fee, and the cost is only $15/class*, paid at the beginning of each month. Due to holidays and scheduled breaks, some months have more classes than others – so you only pay for the classes that are scheduled. On an average month with 4 classes, one dance class* per week will cost you $60/month.

* Length of one hour. Different rates apply for longer or shorter classes, or if enrolled in multiple classes. See below for more details.

Class Fees

For recreational classes, fee is determined by length of class:

45 min class $12.50/class
1 hour class $15.00/class
1.25 hour class $17.50/class
1.5 hour class $20.00/class

*This price only applies to clients signed up for Monthly Payments. Punch Cards work out to $17/class regardless of length.

Exam training is fundamentally different than the recreational class style. It involves extra classes when needed, with more flexible scheduling to accommodate all dancers. Therefore, exam class fees are on a monthly tuition system rather than “per scheduled class”. Exam training is approx. 3 hours/week, and classes only run until the exam is performed. Monthly fees for exam classes also cover any prep fees for mock exams and other related events.

Inter Found RAD Exam level $100/month
Intermediate RAD Exam level $100/month

Multiple Class Discount

The more classes you take, the less you pay!

1 class Full price
2 classes 5% off
3 classes 10% off
4 classes 20% off
5+ classes 30% off

*Multiple Class Discount does not apply for summer classes.

*Exam classes do not count toward Multiple Class Discount.

Costume Deposits

Students who choose to participate in a performance during the Regular Season will require a costume. Costumes are ordered around January, so a costume deposit of $100/class is required by January 15. This can be paid in monthly installments of $20 from September to June, or in a lump sum at any point before the deadline.

Please note this is a deposit only. If you are unsure whether you want to perform, we recommend you include the deposit monthly in your fees. If a costume is never ordered for you, you will receive a full refund. However, once costumes have been ordered, you are responsible for the full cost, regardless of participation. This is a rare occurrence and easily avoided.

Costumes can be more expensive than $100, but they can also be less. DAS is always attempting to provide high-quality costumes in cost-effective ways. Any money left owing on your costume by May 1 is payable to DAS, but any money overpaid will be refunded back. An itemized costume invoice will be delivered to each student by May 1.

How Do I Pay?

First, register online to save your spot in class! Next, you have four options to pay:

  • Cash – Please bring exact change to pay before or after class. Any extra payment can be refunded the following week or applied to your account for the next month’s fees.
  • Cheque – Make all cheques payable to “Dance Alive Studios”, and pay before or after class. Post-dated cheques are also acceptable.
  • E-transfer – Payments can be sent to “”, no security answer necessary.
  • Credit card – Credit card payments will be processed this year with an additional 5% administrative fee. Cards can be swiped monthly, or card numbers can be stored securely for monthly remote charging by DAS.

Receipts and account updates are emailed to you after payment. Please contact us with any further questions.