Summer 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, Dance Alive Studios is taking some time to recharge during the summer. Any new information on offerings, programs, or events will be posted here.

Keep Dance ALIVE

Running a dance studio during a pandemic is a unique challenge, and one that we have been navigating since March 16, 2020, when DAS shut down for in-studio classes. Since then, Caelia and the team have been meeting weekly, brainstorming, teaching online classes, and editing and posting videos. We are tired and need some time to recharge over the summer in order to plan our next AMAZING season. However, the studio does not have the usual revenue collected from year-end shows to help us get through the summer, so we have designed the following program.

If you want to support the studio during the summer but you don’t want to commit to classes and schedules, this is the plan for you! There is infinite flexibility with this program. You can choose one time payments, or commit to monthly payments throughout the summer (June/July/August). You can change your sponsorship level at any time. You can choose your own amount. If you have new ideas, please contact us and we can chat!

How it Works

  • For each one-time payment, you get the group of future credits listed (good until June 30, 2021)
  • For Summer Subscription (monthly payments for June/July/August), you get the future credits listed for EACH PAYMENT (they add up!), PLUS the additional discount off merchandise & equipment for the 2020/2021 season
  • Any payment gets you on our exclusive mailing list, an invite to our online BAND community, and you’ll be included in social activities as they come up!

Platinum Payment – $200

1 hour private lessons($100 value)
2 hours studio rental time($80 value)
2 tickets to any DAS show(up to $50 value)
Unlimited Access for 1 month!(up to $200 value)
** Summer Subscription:
25% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Gold Payment – $100

45 min private lessons($75 value)
1.5 hours studio rental time($60 value)
1 ticket to any DAS show(up to $25 value)
Access to 3 videos or classes(up to $75 value)
** Summer Subscription:
20% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Silver Payment – $50

30 min private lessons($50 value)
1 hour studio rental time($40 value)
Access to 2 videos or classes(up to $50 value)
** Summer Subscription:
15% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Bronze Payment – $25

30 min studio rental time($25 value)
Access to 1 video or class(up to $25 value)
** Summer Subscription:
10% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Emerald Payment – $5

** Summer Subscription:
5% off all merchandise
for 2020/2021

Do you like one of the options above?? Register for any level by following the link below, and contact us with any questions.

Online Offerings

During April & May, DAS teachers were working hard providing online content for our dancers. These videos have all been recorded and are available for purchase!

Single video$15
Month package (1 class)
* Number of videos vary

We are still tidying up some of our online products, but you can go to our Student Centre to take a look around, or contact us for recommendations.

Events & Fundraisers

Restrictions are changing every week with the evolving global situation. Dance Alive is keeping a close eye on all the news and latest government recommendations. Any new classes, fundraising activities, or social events will be posted in our News & Events section! If you’d like to subscribe to new posts, scroll to the bottom of this page and submit your email address.