Current COVID-19 Status & Restrictions at Dance Alive Studios

As of FEBRUARY 28, 2022 the province of Saskatchewan has removed all standing Public Health Orders. As a result, Dance Alive Studios has chosen to continue the following COVID-19 related protocols to help keep our clients, staff, and renters safe. Please read the information below CAREFULLY before entering the studio.

COVID-19 Management Protocols

    • you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, sniffles, sinus inflammation, cogestion, etc.)
    • you have tested positive for COVID-19 on a rapid antigen test OR a PCR test
    • you have been a close contact with another person who has tested positive for COVID-19 on a rapid antigen test OR a PCR test*

*The Government of Saskatchewan is no longer mandating isolation protocols. However, we ask that you respect our policy above, as this is a small community and our teachers rely on their income as part of their living wages. We are still trying to prevent exposures, cancellations, and closures as much as possible!

  • WEAR YOUR MASK upon entering the building and in all common areas. We have disposable masks at the front if you happen to forget yours. Masks may be removed during class once in your respective studios if you wish, but must be worn when leaving class, using the washroom, filling your water bottle, etc.

  • USE THE HAND SANITIZER available at the front as soon as you enter the building. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathrooms and feel free to use hand sanitizer frequently in the studios.

  • PLACE YOUR SHOES ON THE SHELF PROVIDED to avoid touching other people’s shoes and having them touch yours. You may bring your coat into class with you if you prefer not to have it in close contact with others’ on the coat rack.

  • REMAIN 2 METRES APART in all common areas. While some choreography is allowing for closer contact, this is performed carefully due to the continued consent of the performing dancers.

  • ENTER THE STUDIO ROOMS FOR CLASS ONE AT A TIME and spread out in the studio. Placing your bag under the portable barres and along the mirrors is fine, just be careful of the mirrors and maintain your distance from your classmates.

  • We have CLASS SIZE LIMITS for Dance Alive classes – 15 people per class in the Green Room and 10 people per class in the Grey Area (could be less or more depending on specific classes and equipment usage). Because of our large spaces, these class sizes still give more than enough room for 2 metre spacing in the centre!

  • Students are responsible for cleaning any equipment used during class (yoga mats, massage balls, etc.), and the studio will continue to be regularly disinfected between uses.

Studio Policy for Student Absence or Class Cancellations

Obviously, our first priority to everyone in our establishment is safety. In order to encourage and support a safe environment, we want to avoid any financial penalties that may be incurred by students or teachers needing to stay home due to having COVID-19 symptoms, or taking care of household members. However, we are also still experiencing significant financial hardship due to the ongoing economic effects of the government lock downs and restrictions over the past year. This season, Dance Alive Studios is committing to paying our staff sick days if they need to stay home for any reason, even though we have not increased our class prices. Therefore, if classes are cancelled due to teacher illness, the business cost of running the class will remain the same. Similarily, if a student who has pre-paid for Monthly Payments must stay home due to illness of self or household member, the business also does not receive any compensation by being able to fill that spot with another client on short notice. Regardless, we are committed to supporting everyone as well as we can through this time. Therefore, we will make use of a hybrid class model as we move forward with the rest of our season:

  • IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND CLASS: Please notify us as soon as possible via the Band app, preferably in the Band group for your class if you feel comfortable. The teacher will then record as much of the class as possible and it will be uploaded to Vimeo for access within the week. Students are respsonbile for catching up on the material they missed in any choreography classes.

  • IF CLASS IS CANCELLED: We will notify you as soon as possible. Students are still welcome to come in during regular class time to make use of the space. Teachers will make a recording in lieu of the cancelled class that will either focus on a technical element or provide a choreography review. Open Studio Time may be available later in the week to support students accessing class recordings. Please visit our post on our first Supplemental Training Week for more details.

Due to the financial strain felt by small businesses and community members during this time, we will no longer be offering refunds or credits to those enrolled in Monthly Payments for the remainder of the season. We will also be enforcing our 15-day cancellation policy as is outlined in the Terms & Conditions upon Registration. As an alternative, students are still welcome to enroll in Drop-In Access as an alternative to Monthly Payments. Please note that all performing students must be enrolled in Monthly Payments.

Caelia and the Dance Alive team are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Saskatchewan and Canada. The safety of our staff and clients is of the utmost importance to us, as has always been the case since the conception of Dance Alive Studios. As we navigate the political climate, provincial legislation, climbing infection rates, and the ever-changing weather conditions in our province, we will are doing our best to choose the most respectful path that maximizes both safety and personal privacy. We want to do everything we can to keep the physical activity and artistic expression of dance accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

Thank you for working with us patiently and considerately throughout these interesting times. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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