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Our Marley flooring is fresh from Rosco, comes in 30′ rolls, and is perfect for all kinds of dance on stage (including Tap and other hard shoes!).

Brand-new (never used/only used once) touring performance vinyl dance flooring for rent! Rolls are 30 feet by 5.25 feet. Up to 8 rolls available per order (TCU Place stage coverage).

This floor is Rosco Adagio Tour. The Rosco website says:

Adagio Tour is uniquely suited to those who need a tough, lightweight floor for percussive dance styles. Tour has been specially designed to lay flat quickly and provide a surface with terrific tap sound. The surface is also excellent for all other dance forms including ballet, modern, Irish and jazz.

Adagio Tour weighs only 1.6 lbs. per linear foot and provides a matte, non-reflective surface that is ideal in all performance venues. Despite the tough surface, Adagio Tour is very flexible, assuring years of carefree rolling and re-rolling.

Adagio Tour provides a medium-fast floor speed.

Let us take care of your event!

Extra Services

Dance Alive Studios also offers unique flooring services to help make your performance day run smoothly:

  • Delivery – Would you like your dance flooring delivered right to your studio or your venue before showtime? Our team will load up a truck, bring the flooring to the desired location, and unload the rolls right on stage for you to unroll and lay down! No heavy lifting, no extra errands.

  • Installation – Would you like your dance flooring installed for you at your performance venue by experienced professionals? Our team has laid dance flooring on all different stages, and knows the flooring well. We will install your flooring mats with the required Dance Floor Tape and provide you with extra in case anything needs to be fixed during the rehearsal or performance. We can even mark centre, quarter, and edges for you on your stage with our flourescent spike tape. Enjoy the perfect floor for your performance every time!

  • Removal – Would you like your dance flooring removed for you after your performance while you and your group relax and enjoy your after party? Our team will come after you are finished with the flooring and remove it all for you. This service cannot be ordered alone, and must be included with Dance Floor Pick-Up, since our team will remove the floor, roll it up, and take it home for you!

  • Pick-Up – Would you like your dance flooring picked up for you right from your venue after your performance? Or maybe you can easily bring it back to your studio and want to be spare the errand the next day of a return. Our team will remove the flooring from whatever location you wish and bring it back for you! No heavy lifting, no extra errands.

Mix and match as needed to organize the perfect event! Some services must be bundled, which will be discussed after

Pricing & Payment

Rosco flooring (30′ x 5.25′):
(Discounts for DAS Members!)
Delivery:$50 (minimum)
Installation:$60 (up to 5 panels & 1 hr)
Removal:$30 (up to 5 panels & 30 min)
Pick-Up:$50 (minimum)
Floor Tape:$20 per roll

Interested in Renting?

Before you fill out an application, please note the following:

* All dance floor rentals require a credit card on file or a substantial damage deposit held in case of floor damage

* All studio operations are handled by the owner, Caelia. Please allow up to 1 week for a response to a rental form below.

For any further questions, please contact us!