Dance has been shown to improve dexterity, flexibility, balance, and mental acuity. As a physical activity it challenges the body and integrates the mind. As an art form it provides an opportunity to lose oneself in music, movement, and emotional expression, all while connecting socially with an open and supportive community. This experience does not belong to one age group, or gender, or culture. With the most extensive adult dance training program in Saskatoon, Dance Alive Studios focuses on making higher-level dance training available to all demographics in an inclusive and educational atmosphere in order to promote health, wellness, and self-expression.

Join us in discovering your athletic and artistic ability in an activity that develops both body and mind!


All classes are running as normally scheduled under the released Performing Arts Guidelines, now permitting dance conditioning and training for ALL AGES. For more information, check out our News & Events page. REGISTRATION IS OPEN and we are still taking new students. Visit the links below to see what we have to offer, or contact us with questions!

*We are currently nearing the end of our Regular Season 4 (June 18, 2021), but will be offering the same schedule on a summer session from June 28 – August 14, 2021 with hopes for an August performance. Visit Our Classes to learn more about our schedule and how to register.

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